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But he would not even have to be an officer to have a meeting at his home.
You would need to require that a checked adult be present at all times
(which probably means two checked adults so one could go to the restroom).
And that is probably in line with the recommendations. But in his capacity
as Marshal, he would not need a background check IMHO (but the Board does
not necessarily listen to my opinion).


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>The Board is already working on a background check policy. But frankly, 
>requiring a background check for someone whose sole interaction with 
>children is marshalling them on the field in front of the Crown, the 
>Baron and dozens populace members is absurd. Next you'll be saying that 
>you need a background check before you can accept water from an 
>underage waterbearer.
Are you absolutely certain that would be the only contact? I don't believe
this person in the East did anything in front of all those witnesses but at
his parent's home.

Lord Engenulf de Vienville

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