[Ansteorra] Bad things

Mike Wyvill wyvillmike at hotmail.com
Mon May 14 22:06:51 PDT 2007

>So, the question remains - Little Susie needs to go right now - does
>this mean the whole group is dragged, Susie is forbidden to go or
>that the "two deep" rule actually requires 4 people to be workable. A
>child who needs to go to the bathroom without delay is in no way
>synonymous with "baby sitting"
>Or do you send 9 year old Susie to the bathroom by herself?

Dropping Susie off and making yourself scarce is in fact using the MOC 
activity as a babysitting service. Planning for contigencies like this is 
exactly what the person in charge has to do. Again that's why you herd them 
as a group and bring them back as a group. 9 year old Susie left in your 
care should not be allowed to go alone either. She goes with and returns 
with a 'buddy' as we call them in the BSA and yes that means her buddy's 
activity is interrupted.

>I do not *want* anything in particular one way or the other. I am
>trying to ascertain how the system might be made to work and part of
>that is potential problem scenarios

It works in Boy Scout troops all over the country. Except when individuals 
wander off alone. They get lost and worse. And if you are following the 
guidelines published by the Kingdom in 1999, your activity is in a place 
easily accessible. Little Susie's rant is surely noticable to all and sundry 
in just such a location. And as the children's coordinator you can certainly 
make it clear that disruptive children will be asked to leave. Your location 
shouldn't remove the children so far away as to make it impossible to get 
help. What if you need a chiurgeon? Plan for it. Need to contact the Archery 
field on the other side of the site? Plan for it.

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