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So you're saying if my husband has to work late, and I have to take my child 
to fighter practice with me to be baby sat by one of the fighter's ladies 
(she's already volunteered), I have to have someone there that's passed a 
background check? Perhaps we should make all of the officers have a 
background check. They have to be there (marshal if it's fighter practice at 
least) and they can serve the two functions. I don't think it's a bad idea, 
especially since if a child's in trouble, they'll likely seek out someone 
like an officer for help.

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I believe it was an officer or person whose official function in the SCA
requires them to work with children.

They cannot require anyone but officers to get background checks. However,
they can require that any official SCA function (and that includes fighter
practices and *may* include guild meetings) where children are present have
at least one person who has been checked and practice two deep adult rules.
This would be simllar to requiring a Marshal at any official SCA activities
that include fighting.


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At 08:46 PM 5/14/2007, Mike Wyvill wrote:
 >Don't know how you can possibly enforce anything like that especially
 >if they are not members as a majority of the people who play seem to
 >be. But the person in charge should have passed it.

Correct me if I am wrong but did not the original announcement mention
*anyone* working with children? Wouldn't that include any parent volunteers?


 > >
 > >If anyone working with children must have a background check does
 > >that mean any parent helping must have had a background check?
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