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Randy Nicholson rnicholson2 at gvtc.com
Tue May 15 09:09:03 PDT 2007

A $10 background check doesn't seem like it will give you much info.  And a
card issued by the BOD is good for two years?  A lot can happen in two
years.  And what's to say that this $10 background check is going to
actually differentiate between violent sexual crimes and a felony larceny
conviction?  If the only conclusion is the person passed or failed, how do
the people who are making the decision going to make a truly informed
decision.  I don't think that a person who was convicted of felony larceny
should be equated with a pedophile.  At least not in the context we're
discussing.  A convicted burglar has a greater potential chance of
rehabilitation.  Whereas a repeat sex offender may not (just my opinion but
I do believe that statistics may prove me correct here).

Most states have online data bases that anyone can go and search for
individuals convicted of sex crimes.  The caveat of course is that the
person has registered with the state.  Some of the most heinous sex crimes
we've seen in the news over the years were committed by people who failed to
register with the state, who moved between states and failed to register,

For the state of Texas you can do a search at this web site;


Robert deBray

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