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Tue May 15 09:21:44 PDT 2007

     As I said before ... Back ground checks are ok ...but ...One of the first things "We' can do is , put the M.O.C. activities with in range of the other activities...  1.) M.O.C. Activities must be with-in 100-150 ft. from main area.  Putting the kids "up on the hill" , away from everything ...should be stop immediately. Let them be able to be with Us . Then they are not isolated so much.
     There really are alot of things "We" can do  to help fix these problems.
   Ld. Kandyce
Jay Rudin <rudin at ev1.net> wrote: 
  Lady Grainne asked:

> Perhaps we should make all of the officers have a
> background check.

It's a good idea, but is it worth the cost? It's worth remembering that the 
background checks will cost about $10 each.

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin 

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