[Ansteorra] New Kingdom Chronicler

barat at cox.net barat at cox.net
Tue May 15 11:04:39 PDT 2007

Greetings Ansteorra.

It is my  pleasure to introduce you to your new Kingdom Chronicler:

Baron Kainin Tepesa
M.K.A.: Wes Hanna
5436 31st Street
Lubbock, TX 79407
(806) 799-6630

Baron Kainin will be taking the oath of service and assuming the duties of Kingdom Chronicler of Ansteorra at Steppes Warlord. Please send all July Black Star materials to Baron Kainin. Don't worry if you have already sent items to me, I will forward them on.

Remember, the deadline for the July issue is coming up fast. Have all of your July Black Star items to Baron Kainin by Friday, June 1.

The chronicler's email (chronicler at ansteorra.org) will be redirected to Baron Kainin after today. Anything I receive before the switchover will be forwarded, of course.

It has been a pleasure, and occasionally a pain, to serve as your Kingdom Chronicler for the last two years. While I am leaving the office in capable hands, I must admit I will miss the job. Perhaps in four or six years...

Thank you Ansteorra.

H.L. Barat FitzWalter Reynolds
Kingdom Chronicler - Ansteorra (just for a bit longer)

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