[Ansteorra] re;p background checks

Goldweard goldweard at yahoo.com
Tue May 15 12:41:59 PDT 2007

In many other groups including volunteer groups  it is
common practice to be subjected to a background check.
 I volunteer with a aids resource center and am
required to have a check done.   As a chirurgeon I
would not object to corpora doing a background check.
I don't seem to understand why there is this sense of
invasion of privacy that is running rampant on the

Corpora's adoption of a background policy will keep
those individuals who have something to hide from
taking positions of leadership within the society
where their positions would provide them with the
ability to lead to an abuse situation

There may have been some confusion in my last post.  I
wasn't suggesting that the individual pay for it.  I
was saying corpora could save the money by using the
state sex offender board.    

And no, this does not excuse parents from taking
resposibility for their own children.   A parent must
take resposibiliy for their child. This just adds a
level of protection that's all.


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