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Again great in theory but that isn't possible either.  Most parents like to help out in other areas as well.  My husband never had to worry about it when my boys were younger because I was our groups MOC so I was there anyway.  However, there are parents out there that want to do other things as well ... especially single parents.  I think if at least ONE parent spent an hour (each day) of an event helping out then there wouldn't be all these concerns.  But again it boils down to parents taking an active roll in raising their children and unfortunately there are so many parents out there within the society and in the mundane world that just don't!!  

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I think no parent should "Just drop their children off" for children's
activities. I think one parent should be there at all times.

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>  IVO this is directed at YOU..
> If you do not wish to have a background check and you do not wish to
participate in MOC activities with your child.then in my opinion you
should not be allowed to drop your child off to participate in the MOC
> Lady Ciana O'Hara
> Barony of Northkeep

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