[Ansteorra] OT: Bedding dilemma

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Wed May 16 10:47:25 PDT 2007

>My lady and I are sick of air mattresses and would like to move to
>something a bit more dependable. What is the best bedding in terms of
>set up / break down, amount of truck space it would take up, etc.

Well, as far as space is concerned you can go period and get a straw sack.
Basically a nice large sack you stuff with straw (if there is a site with 
you might offer to pay for a bale). I've heard they are quite comfortable
but I'd be worried about bringing along a few critters.

Futons are nice but can be bulky.

Cots are not bad and rather comfortable if you bring a couple of thick 
or a sleeping bag to use as padding.

You can get a canvas bag from Panther Primitives to put either some foam
rubber in or the aforementioned straw and that should roll up fairly tight.

Um...that's about all from my brain.



(Who now sleeps on a high rope bed with air mattress and blankets. )

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