[Ansteorra] OT: Bedding dilemma

Cam Battaglia momma_cammie at yahoo.com
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Dear Morgan,

We offer a platform style bed that breaks down into a small enough bundle it
can be loaded in the trunk of a Saturn in twin and queen size.  We also do
the slat beds at what most consider a reasonable cost.  Both of these styles
of beds are suitable for use with either an air mattress or a futon
mattress.  If you are going to be at Steppes Warlord, please take a moment
to drop by our booth (just as for the furniture people).  Several members of
the Kingdom have purchased both styles from us and we have heard no

For more information on both style beds, please visit www.barefootboxes.com

Ly Katrina Alyse Argo, Proprietress
Barefoot Boxes / Longship Furniture
Protégé to Mesterinde Annes Clotilde von Bamburg
Barony Bordermarch

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Hello to the kingdom!

I have a general question and thought I would pose it to everyone to
get the most information I could.

My lady and I are sick of air mattresses and would like to move to
something a bit more dependable. What is the best bedding in terms of
set up / break down, amount of truck space it would take up, etc.

I have heard suggestions on rope beds but I've also heard that the
ropes will stretch and take a lot of maintenance. I have been looking
at platform beds but I am trying to work out an easy (and cheaper) way
to make one myself instead of buying it from a store.

We'll most likely be using a futon mattress so I am mainly looking for
bed frame ideas. What do you use currently, what have you used in the
past, what sort of problems or praises have you come across? Do you
make or have have a good bed frame that you'd like to sell? Any
information, either on the list or directly to me, would be greatly

Thank you for your time,
~Morgan Blackdragon~
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