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I understand the feeling. My parents (especially father) was rarely if ever at events. I think my father even did not show to my high school graduation! I am a parent myself now and they are showing about the same amount of interest in my daughter that they did in me. I planned a birthday party for her last year let them know a month in advance and two weeks before they decided to take a trip that weekend! I am now pregnant and do not expect anything to change for our son. My husband and I are both very active in our daughter's life (yes she is almost 4, but best to start young!) and I know that it will be the same for our little boy.
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  Having a person in charge of childrens activities is a needed thing for both SCA events "and" mundane events and having a person that is great working with kids is even better. But don't forget that they are "your" children. I have my own children, who are adults now, to worry about without someone else dropping their kids off for me to watch over. I don't have the patience for that. You can miss a fight every once in a while to spend time with your own kids, I wish my parents had, other that a short time as scout leaders and a week for vacation during the summer, my parents and I were seldom at the same place. When I was in high school, I was on the football and baseball teams and not once did I see them up in the stands watching. Then when my daugther was in the band in high school, a very successful band I might add, My parents were at one event. That's right ladies and gentlemen a grand total of one event in four years and they were late to that. Then later on they would reidicule me and my wife for at least one of us - most of the time both - for driving up to two hours to participate in something that she was doing. 
      So any parent that is complaining about someone else not wanting to MoC stuff had better "put up or shut up" cause even today at 50 years old I would have givin anything to have my parents show up at a  game on their own when I was in school. They didn't have to stay the whole time, just the fact that they came to something that I was doing.

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