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Ive gotten alot of response about my last post. Where I mentioned we bring kids back to their parents if they dont volunteer. Let me stress that I posted this is something wehave done only at our local baronial and shire events so far. While the Kingdom loves the idea and is planning on implementing it soon, it will have to be modified I am sure. For one, we cant expect the parent who happens to be autocratting to spend an hour. At a Kingdom level, there are many more people at Kingdom events who just drop off kids. And Im sure it will take time to get the policies enforced. There was someone who asked about making the policies known, and yes, the policy about bringing kids back is posted where the parents sign in their kids. We at a kingdom level also have the problem of some younger kids being brought in by older siblings, so the MoC never sees the parent at all. Trimaris's Kingdom MoC was also told that they couldnt have the parents sign in kids anymore because it constitutes handing over legal responsibility. We've already handled that mis-communication, but I think it is a good example of how policies are mis-read by alot of people. Especially when childrens activities are often pushed to the back of the list of important things. 

I think its a shame that childrens activities arent given the attention they deserve, I see alot of kids who are brought to SCA events and dropped off, basically being "forced" to participate by parents who are into the SCA, but who dont want to take the time to make sure the childrens activities are getting the funding and man-power it would take to actually make them fun to the kids. 

I agree that the background checks arent for the protection of the kids, they are for the protection of the "SCA, Inc" Just the same as the "two deep" rule is actually more for the protection of the adults than it is for the kids. My father is a United Methodist Minister, and as a young pastor (30 years ago now) he was once accused of something by a young woman who was mad at the church. It took a long time for him to get past that accusation, even after moving churches. He learned then the "two deep" rule. Its something I practice at church youth groups, at my son's cub scouts pack, at the SCA, and any place I am around not only children, but even around men other than my husband. Ive learned many times over the years that a false accusation can be almost as damaging as an actual bad act. Getting more and more parents actively involved in the goings on of our childrens activities is the only thing that will help make ALL of our children safer. And parents arent going to get involved in something they dont believe is worth it. Many parents out there are "followers", "no other parent does it so why should I?" but once they see those of us who are really into it volunteering, they kinda join the "in" crowd. 

The kids are actually some of my biggest helpers in getting parents to help out. If you make the childrens activities really fun, show the kids they are going to have a great time, and then tell them they cant join in because their parent isnt following the rules..."buuuut ddaaaaddd, pleeeeaaasssee come help, dooont you wannnt me to have fun? PLeeeaaassseeee? Its just ooonneee hoourrr?"

So many times I see childrens activities consisting of a bunch of kids off in a corner playing tag, something those kids could do at home in a park with their mundane friends. And of course the kids would rather be home with their own toys. So when the kids get older, they wanna do something else besides the SCA. We loose alot of our youth that way. Its very easy to make activities where kids really learn about the SCA, and have alot of fun doing it. Then, when the kids are older, they are really looking forward to joining the SCA as adults. 

Ghita Amati

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