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_*SCA in the News: Volume 1, Issue 17 - May 9 - May 21, 2007*__*
*_ _*
Let's Fight! 
Waynesville Daily Guide, Waynesville, MO
"Technology has had a big place on the battlefield since Cain picked up 
a stick and hit his brother with it," Hafallen said. "Sooner or later, 
instead of hunting for something to eat, they started using weapons on 
each other. Every culture in the world, no matter how old it is, has 
weapons and armor."
*_The Vikings Are Coming Again_* 
Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Brooklyn, NY
Get out your cod drying racks, shiny helmets and enjoy! Vikings will 
grace the New World once again for the Viking Festival, and a half-size 
replica of a Viking ship will be on display, courtesy of Leif Ericson 
Viking Ship, Inc.
**_Knight Time <http://www.pjstar.com/stories/052007/ART_BD6U3JJB.026.php>_*
PJ Star, Peoria, IL
**You can build a castle out of blocks and then knock it over with a 
miniature catapult. You can ooh and ahh over the knight-mannequin with 
chain mail leggings, shirt and hood. If you're curious about how chain 
mail works, you can make some of your own.

link of the week_/**  SCA Barbie & Friends: 

*/_Video of the week_/* **Mediaeval Baebes - Adam Lay Ibounden (live): 
*** <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aiaq_dFpviM>*/_Most Idiotic 
Editorial of the Week_/*  *You **Were Right: There *IS* Something Weird 
About Those Kids Who Dress Up Like Knights And Fight On The Green****: 

/SCA in the News courtesy of Gyles de Blair 
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