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Carla Privette auntiecarlap at yahoo.com
Wed May 23 13:09:15 PDT 2007

Mistress Annes,
     It will be my great honor to hold gate for you from 12 to 2 on Saturday so you may partake of the bountiful knowledge at King's College. 
  Forever in Service to the Dream
  Carla of Gate's Edge
  Blessed Be

Darlene Vandever <annescvb at gmail.com> wrote:
  Unto those in range of this missive, Greetings!

I, Annes, have been granted the Honor by the Lovely and Gracious Baroness of
The Stargate to greet Her Guests as they come through the Gate at the King's
College. There, those with a thirst for Knowledge, shall Sign the Gate and
pay their small Fee...a mere pittance for the mighty knowledge they will
soon gain as the day goes forth.

I am in great need of a few folk who might aide me as I greet the Baroness'
guests. I would most welcome one or two from the hours of 6 until 10 in the
evening on Friday and again, 6 until noon on Saturday morning to keep me
company when there are no guests to entertain. Please write to me and tell
me that you will join me in this pleasant task. I have drink and food in
plenty and tales to wile away the time most pleasantly.

I am in most special need for 2 such gentles who might hold the Gate during
the hours of Noon until the closing of the Gate at 2. For I, even I, have a
thirst for such knowledge as can be found at the King's College and a
class on a subject that I have desired to learn for several years will begin
during those hours. If I am to be able to finally indulge my curiosity on
the subject of my desire, then there must be at least 2 folk who can hold
the gate in my absence. Please write and tell me that these persons may be

Write to me soon! My eyes long to read your words of greeting and service!
Until then, I remain....
Forever in Service,
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