[Ansteorra] Princess' Tea

Brian O'hUilliam brianoftheloch at gmail.com
Fri May 25 08:10:39 PDT 2007

Greetings all,
    Pardon the tardiness of this message, but this weekend, at Steppes
Warlord and Baronial Investiture, there will be Tea held in the honor
of Her Royal Highness Ebergardis von Zell.  Though this Tea is
organized by the cadets, all rapier fighters who are not White Scarves
are welcome to attend.  So all cadets, students, non-scarves, youth
rapier fighters, and anyone who considers themselves part of the
rapier community (except the White Scarves, of course), please join us
in friendship to honor our Princess on Saturday at 2 pm in the hall.

In Service,
Lord Brian O' hUilliam
Cadet to Don Brian MacCael

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