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Greetings Your Grace,
As you may or may not know, HE Míchél mac Donnchaid
and myself will be stepping down shortly as Baron and
Baroness of The Eldern Hills and I would like your
permission to print your article in our newsletter.
Elayne Mac Duncan
Baroness of The Eldern Hills

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> Dear folks 
> I was looking for an even older article on what
> Barons do by Baron Theodoric of Carthe and I found
> this one I wrote many years of go. You history
> bluffs might want it for historical value. I hope
> others will add their wisdom and you might mention
> Good things you have seen territorial Baron/ess have
> done over the years. 
> willow
> What to look for in a Baronial candidate?
> By Duchess Willow de Wisp, OP, OR, OL and Lion of
> Ansteorra<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =
> "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
> For most of us there comes a time when we are call
> upon to give our opinions on candidates on whether
> they would make a good Baron/ess. Even though the
> Crown will take into account our opinions we are not
> voting and they may choose anyone for the position.
> For many of us our first major mistake is to choose
> someone because we like them. Another mistake is to
> choose someone because they won’t make waves and the
> third most common mistake is to choose a compromise
> candidate.  We need to look at the job and choose
> people for their ability to fill the role.
> First, can they put the Barony and its people first?
> Most of us have been told that the SCA is a game and
> you should put your mundane family and real world
> life first. The concept does not apply to Ruling
> nobles, officers and Peers. We need to put the SCA
> higher on our priorities. We do this so you the
> people don’t have to. The Baronial position is
> especially hard because they need to do their duty
> all the time. They need to be at the demos and at
> the Wars and at Kingdom events. They need to show up
> at neighbor groups’ big events and at all the canton
> events and even small shires nearby. Now if there
> are two of them they can share the work, but usually
> children and other family members suffer. Also the
> Baronial position cost a lot. You need good costumes
> for your whole family, you need site fees, you need
> to buy largess and you need to pay for gas. Where we
> can cut back when times get bad the people in the
> Baronial position can’t.
> Second, Do they have the energy? Unlike the King and
> Queen, Barons and Baroness are cheerleaders. People
> come to them with ideas and if they don’t act
> excited or they tell them to write it down or go to
> another officer without showing excitement often the
> people take it as rejection and give up on the idea
> and sometimes the SCA. The Baronial role involves
> bringing the burnt out people, the old nobles and
> peers back into the group and getting them excited.
> I remember Baroness Aurelian of the Steppes. Even
> though we were living in North Ansteorra she would
> convince up that we needed to attend Steppes event
> and even talked us into helping members of her
> barony that needed to get trained up faster. That is
> how Duke Jonathan ended up giving Duke Inman some of
> his first training. Duke Inman became King of
> Ansteorra after being in the SCA for a year and a
> day. Look at the individuals and see if they could
> inspire you to take part in your groups activities
> when you get old and burnt out. This part of the
> role of Baron/ess takes the ability to be upbeat no
> matter what. 
> Third, Are they able to create the show? The
> Baronial role involves creating a court where we can
> shine. The need to make the Dream come alive for all
> personas and people. They need to shine and be
> heard. Again they will need energy, but most of all
> they need showmanship. They often are both actors
> and directors of the pageantry and show. They will
> need to be organizers to make this happen. 
> Fourth, Are they able to take a back seat to others?
> Many people in the Baronial role get misled. They
> think because they are on the big seats it is about
> them. The truth is it is about the people. All the
> pageantries is to give the people in the Barony a
> chance to show off and advance. Often good Baron and
> Baroness give up their chances for advancement.
> Baroness often fall prey to ego and seem resentful
> if anyone get more attention them they. Being a good
> Baron or Baroness takes a heart that is truly joyful
> when people they know get things. It takes a person
> that is honestly willing to give up a lot.
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