[Ansteorra] 20th Anniversary Steppes Champion results

Diane Rudin serena1570 at yahoo.com
Mon May 28 21:43:52 PDT 2007

Sunday the 27th of May dawned grey and rainy on the 20th anniversary
of the institution of the Steppes Champion Tournament.  Only one
regularly-held rapier tournament in the Society can boast of greater
antiquity -- the Queen's Champion tournament of Ansteorra.

After the marshals examined the field, by the grace, wisdom, and
foresight of her Excellency Katheryn, newly inducted Baroness of the
Steppes, the Steppes Champion Tournament was moved from the slick
grass outdoors to the dry environs of the Great Hall.  

The competition was small but fierce.  As the rains continued
without, within, 25 hardy rapier fighters vied to be the 20th Steppes
Champion.  In the final round, Don Ingve of York and Don Robert
MacPharland fought for the title.  Their chosen weapons were rapier
and dagger.  After fine displays of skill on the part of both
gentlemen, in the end Don Robert proved the victor, and thus became
the 20th Steppes Champion, and Lady Simone Valery La Rousse Queen of
Grace and Honor.

Lady Maeva Beiskaldi did a fine job as List Mistress, while Don
Ingve, our Steppes Rapier Marshal, served as Marshal-in-charge.  Many
fine folks assisted with the last-minute relocation of the list
fields, the marshalling, and the heraldry.

And so, for all of those who made our new Baroness's first Champion
tournament a memorable event, Vivat!

--H.E. Magistra Serena Lascelles

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