[Ansteorra] Thanks to the Merchant Cordinator for WarLord

Sarah & Richard Yeager young.yeager at gmail.com
Tue May 29 07:05:53 PDT 2007

I just wanted to thank Barb for doing such a wonderful job. I've done a lot
of events both with the SCA and other places over the years and have not
seen such a well thought out and executed plan of action.

Thing she did :

   - She marked out were we would be so that if she wasn't available when
   a merchant arrived all they needed to do was go look at Merchants row.
   - She put all the merchants in 1 row and made sure that everyone knew
   we (the merchants) were there
    - She checked to see if we needed help setting up AND tearing down
   (which by then for us meant the sky had just opened up and was dropping
   water by the ton, which stopped as soon as we were done)

So to Barb, Thank you for doing a great job!!!

To the rest of the people at WaterLord (Warlord) We had fun and look forward
to seeing everyone again soon. Stay safe and have fun.
Kee's Longbows
Mirabilla La Archiere
(Sarah Yeager)

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