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On 5/29/07, Judie Willey <littledragon0861 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Good Morning Ansteorra!!!!
> First and foremost I wish to thank EVERYONE who came out and stuck it out
> through the rains to make this a very memorable event.
> As our home computer is not working, let me  post Lord Torquil's thanks for
> those who were at the shed for load out and load in...sorry I can't remember
> all the names ( sleep deprivation has set in) so if I forgot your name ...or
> spelled it wrong, it is unintentional:
> Sir Morgan
> Centurion Hrafn
> Barak
> Elinor
> Eric
> Lady Viviana ( congrats on the AoA , btw)
> Paul
> John
> Damon
> Cianait
> and I am pretty sure I am missing people....
> I do apologize for that.
> Now on to my own thanks...
> First of all...thanks to Klara for assisting with the site tokens...And for
> being a great Deputy MoC...I couldn't have done it without you, especially
> when I had to be in several places at the same time.
> I especially want to thank the parents who actually read the hand outs on
> the new rules for children...and followed through. This made my life much
> easier. I also wish to thank those parents who stuck around during the
> classes and assisted. Unfortunately, there were still a few who seemed to
> feel that this doesn't apply to them or their child(ren). I would like to
> reiterate for those parents that we aren't trying to make your life
> difficult...this is for the safety of the children that we don't want them
> wandering around the sites unattended.
> My special thanks to Lady Merraud ( I hope I spelled it right) for her class
> on making hobby horses...the  kids loved it
> To Lady Merryn , for her class on Biggins Caps...it was fun and informative
> To  Wolfheart, for his class on Kumihomo Braiding...this young man did a
> great job of teaching,
> To Klara for her classes on Soap Carving and Bees Wax Candle Rolling...I
> know you had a ton of kids for both
> To Her Highness, Ebergardis Von Zell, for joining us during the hobby horse
> class, and for the humor she brought to the class for the cadets who had
> apparently attempted to kidnap His Majesty at a previous event.
> And to Lord Torquil for bringing out the clay again and letting the kids
> play in the mud.
> We had a wonderful turnout for the classes...I hope this will continue to
> grow.
> Yours in Service
> --
> Rebbe Hadassah Sarai bas Yossi
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