[Ansteorra] another item lost at 3 Kings

Countess Regina ginlee at cnbcom.net
Tue Nov 6 07:08:06 PST 2007

1 small pewter mug with the name Simon John Craxford engraved on it (looks like a birth mug) was found on round table in Duke of Normandy's camp.
1 child's belt woven ?

While I'm trying to clean up from 3 Kings I took inventory of many items and would like to get back some items I loaned out over the past year.

6 portable holes metal hand forged tall double ringed
1 short portable hole (as above)
several books on costuming and cooking
2 large heraldry books loaned out (not any I donated to Elfsea)
wooden serving dishes (Micheau or Regina engraved on bottom)
garb loaned

I know who has most of the items but forget to ask for them so if any one has any of these items  please get them to me soon. I will be at Roses and Bordermarch melees.

Countess Regina
Longtooth Lives!

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