[Ansteorra] Monthly Marshallate cards issued notice

Bianca della Vittoria bianca_celtic at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 1 17:32:11 PDT 2007

Hi, below please see the cards which were issued and sent for the month of October:
  Gruffydd Maw Ap Rodri – Donald Hugh Mckinnon            Loch Ruadh
  Kamaitachi no Kansuke - Andrew Benton                             Bryn Gwlad
  Germanicus de Atlan – Jeffery A. Currie                               Elfsea
  Johannes – James C. Brock                                                     Bryn Gwlad
  Jonathan Blackthorne -Steven Condit                                                Steppes
  Arthur the Dented-Scott Keyes                                              Bryn Gwlad
  Sigporn Sigmundarson-Jeremy M. Johnson                            Bryn Gwlad
  Gregory Kildare-Greg Leach                                                  Bryn Gwlad
  Linda of Graywood-Linda Kramer                                        Graywood
  Trevor of Galeden-Ken Greider                                             Leander, TX
  Thomas Buchanan-Thomas Rolston                                       Bryn Gwlad
  Sasha Syn Nevsky-Daniel Vaughn Newby                            Bordermarch
  Jean-Marc Lemainnoir-Anton Zemlock III                            Trelac
  Brandu bh MacCairbre-Patrick J. Vanderkamp                      Copperas Cove, TX
  Las Guaard Aglanar Red Fox- Douglas W. McMahill           Steppes
  (Brandon)-Brandon Hansell                                                   Bjornsburg
  Naima bint Rashid al-Andalusiyya-Donna Belcher                Bjornsburg
  (David) David Briggs                                                             Bjornsburg
  Alexander Marcellus-Clinton Matthew Cullum                     Bjornsburg
  Rizardo d’ Artusio-Richard Best                                            Bjornsburg
  Gerhart Wolfgang DeRote-Randy Brittain                            Elfsea
  William Cameron de Blakstan-Kerry C. Pratt                        Brad Leah
  Celonise Ducharme-Marsha Best                                            Trelac
  Brighid Nic Seward- Sarah Rozell                                         Wylie, TX
  Owen ap Aeddan-Eric Jackson                                              Namron
  Elizabeth Somerset-Bethany Barnes                                       Shadowlands
  Below are cards lost or requested reissued:
  Ascelyn of Glentewrde-Carol Billings                                   Elfsea
  Beorhtlic Folcwinesone-Mark Whitney                                  Northkeep
  Last are forms received but not yet issued. “PENDING”:
  Conchobhar O’Caeallaigh-Matt Patrick Kelly                        Ffynnon Gath
  Donnchad Mac Cannagin-Stanley Hoyt Poling                     Ffynnon Gath
  Almarr Bjarnklo-Don Wilkinson                                             Steppes
  Michael Kettering-Perry M. Catron                                        Steppes
  Problem form:
  Carl L. York- form is not signed: contacting Marshal as I can not issue without signed waiver. Bryn Gwlad
  Please note this is current as of November 1, 2007. If you have not yet received your card or, if you are a marshal and anyone has said they have not received a card that is not on this list, than A. I have “not” received the paperwork or B. if you just mailed it has not arrived yet. The Pending and Problem forms are the only ones in my possession not yet issued. Hope this Helps. I hope everyone had a great Halloween and I will be posting again on December 1st with the November cards issued.  Please remember it can take 30 days for a card to issue from the time the paperwork is received at my end although it will usually be quicker.  If you know you have lost a card and need a replacement do not wait until just a few days till the event! Request early so that your card has plenty of time to arrive so you don’t miss out on any fun fighting.  
  Have a Wonderful Week!
  In Service,
  HL Bianca della Vittoria
  Marshallate Secretary      

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