[Ansteorra] Melees and Crown

David Lathrop dblathrop at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 7 11:24:58 PST 2007

Unto the Noble Kingdom Ansteorra,
  It is Barony Bordermarch's privilege and honor to host Crown Tourney in conjunction with Autumn Melees this year.  We are expecting a large turnout with many groups coming from throughout the Kingdom and elsewhere.
  To facilitate everyone's camping needs we ask that there be no roped off reserved areas for groups. If your group needs to save some space for others please make accommodations to get their gear to site so it can be set up. This will guaranty a camping spot for them when they arrive. 
  The site has seen very little rain for weeks and the possibility of hot embers from campfires spreading to nearby woods is a real possibility. Unless otherwise noted there will be no open campfires allowed at site this year. Barbecue grills, tiki torches, camp stoves, heaters and such will be allowed. If you plan on having any type of flame at site we ask that you have at hand a ready source to extinguish a fire that might get out of control. There are many water taps available to fill water buckets that could be kept near campsites. Should conditions change for the better before or during the event we will herald the news to all.
  In service we remain,
  Santiago & Elisabeth
  Baron and Baroness

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