[Ansteorra] a campaign - 'Light a Candle for the Dream'

Jan Van Zandt hejanais at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 7 13:12:57 PST 2007

Greetings to all,
  The Amazon Household is starting a campaign to increase the enjoyment of everyone in the SCA. We are calling it 'Light a Candle for the Dream'. 
To join us, simply do whatever you can to cover the mundane/modern items in your camp. If need be: adjust your behavior and speech to make the Dream more real for all of us. Courtesy - particularly toward women - should be a given. Hang flags and banners and light up torches instead of modern lanterns. Leave the Dragons and Dungeons and Warcraft at home. Use period feastwear and drinking cups/goblets/horns. If you must use modern items - use them out of sight and deposit the trash/remains in a trash can/barrel/bag. Don't leave empty cans, bottles, paper items, etc. lying on the ground. If you SMOKE - pick up your butts.  When I joined the SCA - these were the commonly understood rules. Somehow they seem to have slowly slipped away. Every thing you do helps to create the Dream for the rest of us.

We are working on a token to be given to those who help others live the Dream. 


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