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On Nov 8, 2007, at 11:35 PM, Brian O'hUilliam wrote:

>    Not a stupid question m'lady- it is, in fact, a reasonable one that
> deserves an answer and an explanation.
>    Kingdom Law states that Crown Tourney must be re fought.   
> Therefore, just
> appointing the runner-up as Heir would be in violation of the law.   
> Or, look
> at it this way: What if one of the fighters that the winner of  
> Crown Tourney
> defeated earlier in the list could have beaten the person who came in
> second?  They would have won Crown Tourney if the person who had to  
> step
> down down had not entered the list and now, they have, essentially,  
> had the
> Crown taken away from them.

So, how is this different from a Duke entering Crown list and then  
deliberately withdrawing after defeating an individual or individuals  
they didn't like or didn't think should be King?  For that matter, I  
guess any one can do that, but for Dukes this is okay, while for  
others it is supposed to be a dishonor.

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