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I also believe in the any given day theory, I was told that is why we
have all the rules for who can enter Crown Tournament.  I see nothing
wrong with people dropping out before the tourney ends.  I have
personally heard fighters say that they are entering Crown Tourney
"for the experience" of fighting in this.  If that person, who thinks
they don't have a prayer of winning makes it to the semi-finals, they
have to ask themselves if they are prepared to really be crown.  In
this case, the person may decide to yield the next match.  A duke can
do this without any one questioning it, officially anyway, everyone
else will have to answer for their decision.  This part is not fair,
in my opinion.  I believe that NO ONE should enter Crown Tourney
unless they really want to be crown for the upcoming reign, but it
happens anyway.  Some might say it's because they love fighting in
that tourney, against all the really good fighters.  Some might just
want to make sure so and so doesn't get it, the fact is it is done.
But as this "political" side of the SCA is fairly new to me, I am sure
there are reasons that Dukes can do this and others
can't/shouldn't/won't whichever is the case.  It would be interesting
to know the history behind it, but for now I will accept it as fact
and go on.

For all those fighting in Crown Tourney Take 2, good luck.  I hope all
have a superb day of fighting and all bouts are close as everyone is
at top performance.  Have fun, and I look forward to hearing about the
winners as I will be unable to attend.

On Nov 9, 2007 10:26 AM, Mike Wyvill <wyvillmike at hotmail.com> wrote:
> >What if one of the fighters that the winner of Crown Tourney> defeated earlier in the list could have beaten the person who came in> second?
> Forgive me Brian, but I think that's a poor example. However unlikely it is perceived to be, I believe firmly in the 'any given day' theory as it applies to human endeavor. Otherwise, why have a tourney at all?
> Kingdom law forbidding it is enough.
> Lord Engenulf de Vienville
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