[Ansteorra] Melees as a Kingdom Event

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Granted, I am not checking Kingdom Law on this, but I
would say no, Bordermarch Melees has not been turned
into a Kingdom Event.

Normally, Crown Tourney is a reserved event and no
other Official Kingdom event can be held on the same
weekend.  It is also an event that does not count
against the Branch's event limit.  Therefore, it is a
Kingdom Event.

Bordermarch Autum Melees is Bordermarch's PED.  It is
Their event and date as per Kingdom Law.  They have
been gracious enough to allow this Crown Tourney to be
held at Their event in this unusal instance.  They
could have also choosen to say no when They were asked
if it would be possible to hold the Tourney at Their

(BTW - Thanks Bordermarch for your assistance to the


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Now, I have a question.  Crown Tourney was held and
the group who held
it split profits with Kingdom, now we are having it
again, so does
that mean that now Bordermarch Melees is a Kingdom
Event and splitting
profits.  Just Curious, I have no opinion one way or
the other.

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