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Curious why you think it would it be any different if it was Seawinds or Bordermarch that were to?hold Crown in this sort of incident?
Because we are far away or because we are a shire or what? 

Why you gotta pick on the 60+ memeber shire like that? We pay our taxes!! <wink>

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Pug has already answered this one.

To give further explanation, Kingdom Law does handle the issue of reoccuring 
Kingdom events as a joint event.  But only for a handful of the existing events.  
When held in conjunction with a non-reoccuring event, the kingdom split seems to 
be 10%.  Kingdom Law is silent on what to do when Crown Tournament is held in 
conjunction with something like Melees.  The Kingdom Financial committee go 
together and decided not to require a split.  Had this been held in conjunction 
with, say, Seawinds Defender, the decision might have gone a different 


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