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Patty prand at swbell.net
Fri Nov 9 20:31:24 PST 2007

Just curious, what is the usual attendance at a Crown Tourney?  What was the attendance at the last one at Graywood?

bsmall at suddenlink.net wrote:
  No insult was meant to the good people of Seawinds (it has been too long since I've been able to make and enjoy your events).

Not being privy to the deliberations of the Financial Committee, I can only guess at the reasons behind the decision.

Generally, when a Kingdom reoccurring event is held in conjuction with another event, the split is 10%. Most likely due to the opinion that the additional attraction of the kingdom event will bring in more people and more profit. It would be fitting for the kingdom to benefit (at least marginally) from a situation like that.

This is a special case in that Crown has already been held and the Kingdom has gotten their tithe from it (I sent it by courier myself). So it's not like the kingdom will be losing any income from not asking for a split.

In the case of Melees, the addition of this extra Crown likely will not affect attendance to that event. I would surmise that, had it been attached to an event with a smaller turnout (and I only mentioned Seawinds as an example), attendance and profit could be significantly increased. I could have easily used Graywood's Battle of the Pines or any number of other events that have lower turnout. If I am mistaken in my assumption that attendance at Defender is significantly less than attendance at Bordermarch Melees, I do indeed apologize.


---- medicfem at aol.com wrote: 
> Ansgar,
> Curious why you think it would it be any different if it was Seawinds or Bordermarch that were to?hold Crown in this sort of incident?
> Because we are far away or because we are a shire or what? 
> Why you gotta pick on the 60+ memeber shire like that? We pay our taxes!! 
> Caley
> Proud Seawinder
> Chirurgeon in Charge of BAM
> There will be about 20+ Seawinders attending Bordermarch

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