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Anthony N. Emmel lord_kjeran at yahoo.com
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I have seen the phrases "feastocrat", "troll", and "dragon" quite commonly
in my previous kingdom.  Dragon wasn't use too often; I always preferred
horse or stead (I think that comes from the rennie side of me).  I can
understand some people taking offense to the title of troll.  But is the
title feastocrat considered bad here?  What do head chefs preferred to be

I hope I haven't offended anyone!  ;-)

Will Meriic

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Laws and customs change. In some parts of the SCA and in this  
kingdom, it has been a long time since I've heard words like  
"feastocrat", "troll", "dragon" (meaning a wagon or car) used. And  
those are changes that many people have been happy to see.

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