[Ansteorra] SCA Vocabulary (was CROWN HEIRS-STUPID QUESTION)

Sir Morgan Buchanan morganbuchanan at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 10 04:09:40 PST 2007

Anything-o-crat titles are generally kind of silly when there are perfectly 
good words like steward or cook.  It's kind of like "smalls" is silly 
because they had a perfectly good word...children.  And ring belts are 
unnecessary because our medieval ancestors had a solution for 

I've had this discussion with a number of people who are like-minded and if 
my memory serves me correctly, it's not at all that terms like autocrat, 
feastocrat, troll, smalls, or dragon or the use of ring belts as examples 
offend.  It's just unnecessary, because there are much more correctly 
appropriate terms or items.


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From: "William Meriic" <wmeriic at tx.rr.com>
> I have seen the phrases "feastocrat", "troll", and "dragon" quite commonly
> in my previous kingdom.  Dragon wasn't use too often; I always preferred
> horse or stead (I think that comes from the rennie side of me).  I can
> understand some people taking offense to the title of troll.  But is the
> title feastocrat considered bad here?  What do head chefs preferred to be
> called?
> I hope I haven't offended anyone!  ;-)
> Will Meriic 

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