[Ansteorra] New but related question

Kristi Johnson kristi_johnson1972 at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 10 14:26:37 PST 2007

What requirements are there for Crown eligibility? 
Are there any codified in Kingdom Law or is it an
"unwritten code" and "we just know it a unqualified
entrant when we see one" kind of thing.

I only got in on the tail end of the 'stupid question'
thread so I do not know the whole story of what
happened to require a second Crown Tourney.  The gist
of what I have gotten to read is that someone has won
the tournament but can't take on the responsibility of
the crown at this time and that perhaps they competed
to "weed the garden".  

As one who understands the desire for our Kingdom to
only have the best, most qualified persons holding
this and other posts, I can certainly understand why
one would compete thusly.  Also I can understand just
from watching these fighters how the thrill of combat
and all that adrenaline could cloud one's thinking on
when to bow out if simply weeding the garden was ones
intention when starting. The rush out there must be

I'm not even a fighter and I get a little excited at
the thought of kicking butt left and right and going
all the way to the top.  I can understand the wanting
to get to go up against the "big boys" even if I am
going to get used as list mop.  I can understand
learning opportunity that such an experience can

That would be fine for any great tourney.  But this
isn't just any great tourney.  It is Crown Tourney. 
It is serious business for a JOB.  Not just a title.
Not just experience. A job.  A very demanding job.   

My thought is that if currently there are no other 
previous service requirements in Kindgom Law for the
position of Crown then perhaps it is time for the
Kingdom to consider some.  Requiring Crown entrants by
Law to have performed service as Senechals, or
Barons,or Dukes, or multiple time Kingdom Level
Autocrats or some other such high responsibility posts
would lessen the need for garden weeding.  It wouldn't
lessen our Sovereigns position as a worthy Chivalric
champion of our Kingdom just ensure that Chivalric
champion (and consort) is suited to the the very real
JOB of being the Sovereign before the list ever opens.

Our previous Sovereigns shouldn't have to worry about
entrants not being qualified but able to kick butt
into the throne.

One does not become a CEO without experience,
references, and a resume.

Then again I may be mad as a hatter.  :)

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