[Ansteorra] Just a STUPID QUESTION

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Sun Nov 11 06:37:05 PST 2007

If I still have the numbers Mistress Saundra sent me about the two or 3 previous Crowns, I'll find it and post.

As for the most recent one that Graywood had the honor of hosting, we had 171.



---- gail young <gwynethb63 at yahoo.com> wrote: 
> I'm sure someone can respond with actual numbers, but from just being there, the numbers at Crown very greatly depending on location, weather and economy.  The ice Crown in the West had about 100, the one in Greywood about 150, but I think the one before that in Central region was more like 200. Can't remember how many that mud Crown in Ravensfort had and the last one in the North escapes me to.
>   gwyneth
> Patty <prand at swbell.net> wrote:
>   Just curious, what is the usual attendance at a Crown Tourney? What was the attendance at the last one at Graywood?
> Caitriona
> Seawinds

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