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Sun Nov 11 16:13:19 PST 2007

I would ask, how should one respond logically and succinctly to multiple points within a long post if one does not address each point directly. I find it much easier to follow someone's train of thought in regards to points within a post when they do 'dissect' the previous message. There are times when it is a bit tedious, but it is more clear if there are multiple points addressed. Also there is less misunderstanding if the original point and the reply are adjacent. It doesn't always work, but it did this time...IMHO.
I must say, that in following this topic...which seems to come up at least every six months or so....I haven't really seen any 'badgering.' Discussion and rebuttal make for a lively debate. Argument does not mean a fight. An argument means only one side of a debate or discussion. When one Argues in debate, the courtroom, etc, one does not fight; one presents one's opinion and the reasons for it. It does not mean that the parties involved are 'fighting' nor "not getting along". I know that I have argued a point in person with some of the people on this list and we have never 'not gotten along' over it. We argue our points...sometimes change someone's mind, sometimes not...and go on to talk about something else. Why can't we do the same with email?
Discussions do get lively once in a while and occasionally (though certainly not very often around here) it does get to the point where a moderator does step in. (and yes there is at least one) I think that all of us who do participate in these discussions need to develop a thicker skin rather than imagine that we are being badgered, chastized, scolded, etc whenever things go a direction with which we aren't completely comfortable. As has been mentioned, this medium is easy to be misunderstood in when it comes to tone. Why don't we all think the best of the posters and give them and what they are saying the benefit of the doubt rather than take offense. 
Now, we have lost a participant in this lively debate and we are the poorer for it. I would ask Elizabeth to continue her participation rather than sit on her hands. I would also suggest that we as individuals read our posts at least once before hitting the 'send' button in order to better see what the eyes of another might behold. I would also suggest that a couple of minutes take place before finishing typing and doing that reading....just a thought, having been one of the misunderstood at least once or twice. If our words are as valuable as we think they are....they are worth waiting a few minutes more for.
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> Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2007 15:38:47 -0800> From: love at roseandchad.net> To: ansteorra at lists.ansteorra.org> Subject: Re: [Ansteorra] SCA Vocabulary> > I thought this seemed a lively discussion until you, (E.Blackthorne not the other lady), said it was an argument and seems to chastize the rest of us for enjoying our exchange of ideas. I say 'seems' because it's always very hard to tell what people really mean when you only see it in writing, with no expression or vocal inflection to temper it.> > If we're talking about appearance, then I'd like to point out that taking a post and dissecting it paragraph by paragraph appears to me to be much more like badgering than anything else I've seen, not to mention a terrible waste of time trying to read what's yours and what's from before amidst all of those annoying little lesser than/greater than symbols. It strikes me as more of a personal attack, although I can't say for sure, since I didn't write it and wasn't there beside the person to see thier expression, body language, etc.> > Are you, by any chance, a moderator? If not, isn't it the moderator's job to determine when we're getting past 'lively' and into 'badgering'?> > Hmm... And now that I'm thinking of it, does this list even have a moderator? I know that Yahoo! and Smartgroup lists do, but I don't really know how these lists function...> > In closing, I'd like to say that if I were new to this kingdom, or to the SCA, I'd be terrified to say a single thing, ever, on this list for fear of having my head bitten off. And I think that, in the end, that is the appearance that might really matter...> > Rose the Obnoxious> 

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