[Ansteorra] New but related question

Pug Bainter pug at pug.net
Sun Nov 11 19:50:21 PST 2007

>> 5. Have served in an administrative office of the SCA, or its
>>    equivalent, for at least a total of one year.
> Are all offices in the SCA deemed administrative?

Since I don't think I saw a response to your question, I will give you an
answer. All warranted offices are administrative offices. There are
non-warranted offices, such as Crown and Territorial Nobility, as well as
some deputy officers particularly at the local level.

The intent of this particular bullet is for the entrant and consort to have
an understanding of the inner workings of the SCA. This is most easily shown
by having held an office. For those who do not meet this, but the Crown
deems experienced enough to know the ins and outs, they can be given a


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