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On Nov 11, 2007, at 5:52 PM, Rose & Chad wrote:

> Yes, I thought it was a 'Pay the troll under the bridge.' kind of  
> thing myself.

That was where I thought it originated from, as well.

>   Also, I always used the SCA-traditional terms because they seemed  
> to encompass all times and areas. I'm not sure, not having done the  
> appropriate reasearch (Yet anyway, this is really interesting.) but  
> I doubt that 'steward' was used in all times and places throughtout  
> history, especially when you thorw in all of those neat middle  
> eastern and asiatic personas. I seem to remember seeing other terms  
> in non-vocaublary related research, including 'chatelain' (or  
> 'chatelaine' for women), or perhaps 'castellan' although that seems  
> to suggest a castle, and I believe that the SCA uses that term for  
> some kind of award, so the two would clash...

Yes, there are other terms and they've been used in the SCA. But we  
also run into the problem that few of us speak Anglo-Saxon, or Middle  
Eastern languages or even old English or French. Castellan has been  
used in the SCA. If it is used for an award, it may be a kingdom  
award only, so there wouldn't be a problem outside of that kingdom(s).

>   Now I'm off to visit the online encyclopedia britannica to take  
> time and place terms and compare them with SCA terms, because this  
> is a really interesting thing... (First research thing to capture  
> my interest since I finished with my persona...)

While I've occasionally thought of creating or getting someone to  
write an SCA glossary or file on SCA vocabulary for the Florilegium,  
I've not done so. However, perhaps this file in the FEASTS section of  
the Florilegium might give you a place to start:

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