[Ansteorra] Governance (was: re: Ducal Perogative)

James Crouchet james at crouchet.com
Mon Nov 12 10:03:55 PST 2007

I would say that the quality of our kingdom administration has a lot to
do with the small number of constituents, the fact that most have direct
access to the policy makers (remember, we are talking on a kingdom
level, not corporate), and a very large percentage of the populace is
interested and involved.

I know the following is a bit off topic but I suspect your main
comparison point may be the current US government. A US representative
currently represents almost 700,000 people which makes them rather
inaccessible. The number of a senator's constituents varies from state
to state but on average is about 6 million. Is it any wonder they seem
disconnected from the people they represent?

Christian Dore'

Jay Rudin wrote:
> "robert segrest" wrote:
>> At any rate, I am continually amazed that a system of governance that
>> theoretically should be one of the worst possible methods for choosing
>> leaders seems to usually produce high quality administration, not only
>> from our monarchs, but also from the officers they appoint.
> The SCA is a volunteer organization, and the principles of government are 
> different.  The essential control over the government is not the vote, but 
> the fact that we can always walk away.  In essence, the Crown's word is 
> law, but they still have no absolute authority over the power of the Crown, 
> because their power works through other people (officers, peers, baons, 
> event stewards) who can always just resign.
> In the East kingdom, if the king decides to dig a privy on the listfield, 
> the Curia meets and votes not to do it.  In the West kingdom, if the king 
> decides to dig a privy on the listfield, everybody says, "Yes, Your 
> Majesty", but it takes several months to find a shovel.  In Ansteorra, if 
> the king decides to dig a privy on the listfield, the queen says, "No, 
> dear."
> But in all three places, the system prevents the kind of excesses that 
> absolute power usually causes, becase royal power in a volunteer 
> organization just doesn't work that way.  We forgot to re-create the 
> dungeons, iron maidens, gallows and other little homey touches that make up 
> a medieval dictatorship.

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