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Mon Nov 12 15:21:51 PST 2007

Greetings to all
On December 1st, the Barony of Stargate will be holding its Yule and one of the activities of the day will be our annual Arts and Science competition. Yule website: http://stargate.ansteorra.org/yule07/index.shtml . 

The competition will be a body of work display with one piece receiving comments. Documentation, particularly for the single piece, is strongly recommended. Set-up will begin at 9:00am and judging to begin 30 minutes after morning court (10:30am). Due to the extremely busy schedule of Yule this year, we are asking all past Stargate Artisans to meet with the Baron & Baroness at 12:15 to discuss their top selections for Stargate Artisan 2007, commentary to the displaying artisans will continue until 2pm. All displays should be removed at 4:00 pm.

Please send me an email of your intent to compete with: a list of type of items displaying, your displays space needs (ex. table or half table), and any special requests for power or access to kitchen (limited access only). Email: clambright2000 AT yahoo.com.

I have been asked by many what is a body of work display. I went to the Kingdom A&S website at http://moas.ansteorra.org/ and State of the Arts website (by the Kingdom Laurels) at http://laurel.ansteorra.org/index.html and found the information attached to the end of this email.

Hope to see you all at Stargate Yule!!
Lady Cristyana Lambrecht
Stargate Artisan  

>From the Kingdom A&S handbook:

Body of Work - 
One form [of body of work] is based on Depth - A single art display showing improvement over time
Another is based on Breadth - A display of all of the various types of arts that a person has
researched and attempted...Documentation: At least a 1 to 2 page summary sheet. Supporting documentation in a binder is never a bad idea.

>From the State of the Arts website:

    Here are a few examples of types of body-of-work displays:
A single complex item, say an Elizabethan outfit - it sounds as though this is one item, but with undergarments, clothes, shoes, hat, and accessories, this would be a fine entry.

A progression of the same type of item - for example, a series of illuminated scrolls that show various types of illumination from different periods, or the same type of illumination showing a progression of more and more complexity in your artwork.

The dabbler display - many of us try various art forms over the years. This is probably the most common type of body-of-work display where there are: a hodge-podge of different items that you have created over time.

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