[Ansteorra] A Question (or 2) - Estrella 2008

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Mon Nov 12 18:15:43 PST 2007

OOOOO .... Estrella .... I loved that event. They actually let me teach my
FULL glove class instead of a 4 hour one with breaks. I had a whole week to
teach it and all but two students made it to the end with gloves!

What made it awesome for me were many things.
1) Standing on the sidelines in my Ansteorra Tabard and having a knight run
over to me excited that Ansteorra fighters were there.
2) At least 50 marriage proposals when I was water bearing.
3) Working the soup kitchen and getting little handmade pilgrimage pins for
each day!
4) The blooms that appeared everywhere minutes after the deluge stopped.
5) The Calontiri Hospitality!!!!! They were my savors when the tent I was
going to stay in decided to just implode.
6) Made hubby realize that Valentine's day is NOT just another day. :D

Every year I consider going, but since hubby does not play SCA, going away
on Valentine's day is just not an option anymore. :D When it does not fall
on the day of ... I can go.

a) a chivalric fighter and a fierce artisan, My Laurel calls me a Crafty
Killer. :D

Chiara Francesca

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Out of curiosity...

- Have you ever attended Estrella War?  If so, what were your experiences?
made it awesome? What would you change?

- Are you considering attending the 2008 Estrella War?  

- Do you consider yourself primarily :
a) a chivalric fighter  b) a rapier fighter or c) a combat archer?

And in semi related question:
- Are there Ansteorran households, guilds, fighting units, etc, that are
up exclusively (or in a majority) of combat archers?


Zubeydah Jamilla al-Badawiyyah
Nosy chick from up North

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