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Here is another one!  Enjoy!
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Apple Dish (Pomada)Libre del Coch, Ruperto de Nola, 1529. Translation Copyright RobinCarroll-Mann.Morgaine's RedactionTake apples which should be sour and sweet, and quarter each of them;and peel them, and remove the core; and then put them in cold water,and if they are very sour give them a boil; and then take peeledalmonds and grind them well; and put the apples in the mortar andgrind them together with the almonds very vigorously; and when theyare well-ground, blend it all with good hen's broth and strain it allthrough a woolen cloth; and put everything in the pot where it mustcook; and take ginger which is fine, peel off the skin until it iswhite, and make of it little pieces the size of half a finger; and putthem to soak the night before in good rosewater until the morning;then take whole cinnamon, and tie it with a thread together withcloves and scald them with hot broth and when the cloves and thecinnamon are scalded, put the pot on the fire with the apples; and puta good quantity of sugar in it, and when it is more than half cooked,take the soaked ginger and cloves and cinnamon; and put them all inthe pot, and if it does not taste enough of ginger, put in a littlewhich is ground until the sauce tastes of ginger; and when it iscooked you will cast the rosewater in the pot; and prepare dishes; ontop of them cast sugar, and cinnamon if you wish.4 apples½ cup almonds1 cup chicken broth1 inch fresh ginger, grated1 cup sugarTbsp cinnamon1 tsp ground clovesSplash rosewaterPeel, core, and chop apples finely. In a heavy saucepan, combine allingredients and cook over low heat until a pleasing consistency. Canbe served hot or cold.__._,_.___ 
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