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Sher M runa.herd at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 14 14:00:10 PST 2007

Next door neighbor just told me my tent will be next to his and he'll be 
first in line for taste testing.  Reportedly to protect me from bad tequila.

Runa of the Thundering Herd

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> We won't be there, but surely do! I personally grade a tequila on how
> smooth it is, and the after-taste. Some have an overly-bitter
> after-taste, and good ones have a 'clean' after-taste, and I can't
> really explain i better than that....
> But perhaps I'll find a small bottle of yours to test myself! <g>
> -Annwn
> On Nov 14, 2007 9:32 AM, Sher M <runa.herd at earthlink.net> wrote:
>> Guess I'll have to take my bottle of Antigua Cruz Anejo to Bordermarch 
>> and
>> have it taste tested.
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