[Ansteorra] Legalities of pokie things

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I know we have some lawyers out there...

     On Halloween (SCA Garb doubles nicely as a quick
costume) I had forgone a sword in favor of a simple
dagger for functionality.  I got into a discussion
with our security officer at work about whether or not
it was legal.  I seem to remember being told when I
first joined the SCA something along the lines that
since we were considered amateur historians, it was
not illegal for us to carry swords, maces, etc. 
     Does anyone KNOW the exact legalities?  I've
heard the same from everyone, however. as I will one
day tell my daughter "everyone" is not always right.

federal law trumps state law .. state trumps local ... local trumps scadian
- in all cases.  daggers in public are right out.  the academic & workplace
venues are not a public places and administrators / employers can enforce
*any* restrictions they deem prudent - and in this day & age prohibiting any
non-work / weapon-class blades is a no brainer.

whoever told you carry of a dagger or any other weapon (specifically
prohibited or not ...) in public was legal because you are in sca didn't
have a clue about what they were telling you sold you a load.

being in the sca does give you any special privilege or immunity, it does
not come with automatic get out of jail free card ... if you are going to
have weaponry, learn the laws and follow them - else you are likely to get
caught up in them.  these days most relevant federal, state, and local law
are easily available via your favorite search engine online.


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