[Ansteorra] A Question (or 2)

Simone Ui'Dunlaingh simonemu at gmail.com
Thu Nov 15 09:39:22 PST 2007

I have been watching this tread with intrest. Those who know me know I
belive in training fighters to calibrate there blows from the begining. it
was how I was taught to fight in 79 and it is one of the big safty
features I pass on to those I work with Today..

We play in a sport that has the potential for injury not only to ourselves
and others.  Our attitude and behavior on the list is paramount to that
safety.  Our Behavior and actions on the feild can lead to the injury of
others. The participanst handbook  states give direction on what kind of
behavior we should have on the feild:

           6. Combatants shall behave in a knightly and chivalrous manner
and shall fight according to the appropriate
               Society   and Kingdom Conventions of Combat. pg 6 Particpants
hand book

And gives us an example of this on the next page

            5. Application of Rule 6: Engaging in any Society combat
activity with the deliberate intent to inflict bodily harm to
                an opponent is strictly forbidden. pg 7 Particpants handbook

I see part of theat Repncibility of Being Honoable an Chivalrus on the feild
as having enough respect for the rules and conventions of the list to follow
the conventions of the list.

The participants handbook it cleary states under section B

            1. Striking an opponent with excessive force is forbidden. Pg. 9
Participants handbook

Call me ol' Fassioned but hitting someone hard enough to break bone is

I have often hear hard blows as being cought up in the moment or the
adrenilin rush....I've been there I know what that feels, I was also taught
that is not an excuse for bad behavior on the feild.And when I hear those
excuses it reminds me  following

            3. Each fighter shall maintain control over his or her temper at
all times. pg 9 participants handbook

It was explained to me that my temper did not always mean my anger it ment
my temperment. When any of us take the feild we are responcible for our
conduct on that feild. We are responcible for the conciqueces of our actions
on that feild. No matter how someone may want to suger coat it or shift the
blame. When any of us takes the feild. we need to be willing to take
responcibility for the consiqunces of our actions upon the feild.  If some
of the items I posted are not familar with you I sugest you might want to go
to the kingdom website and download the current verion of the participants

If your not sure if your blow are to hard or to light get with others and
calabrate with them. if you are facing someone you have never fought before
ask them if they mind calibrating with you so you kow what they consider
good or not.

But what do i know I'm just......


Muirenn ingen Senáin uí Dúnlaing.
We will be with you in the
fellowship of the spirit, and you
will surley meet some of us
as you TRUDGE the road of
happy destiny--bigbook 164

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