[Ansteorra] Teachers and Students needed...

Kelandra Carmichael Kelandra_C at sbcglobal.net
Thu Nov 15 13:28:50 PST 2007

Greetings All,

You know Winterkingdom in Northkeep is coming up on December 9th 2007. I 
know for a fact there are people who sure would enjoy having some dancing 
classes at it. I find that people who attend Northkeep's Winterkingdom event 
enjoy just about any kind of class anyone wants to teach. Winterkingdom 
already has a great selection of Arts and Sciences classes. There will also 

Classes for officers like Seneschals and Reeves,
List field etiquette for Marshals and Fighters,

Cut and Thrust,

A wide selection of other Rapier Classes,

An all-day smithy area where you can try your hand at the forge,

There is also the Northern Baroness Toy Tournament which has loads of 
fighting for all and an A&S competition,

A Vigil for HL Gilyan,

Lots of fun, friendship, plus plenty of hospitality.

In the evening there will be one of our famous Northkeep feasts and a soup 
tavern earlier in the afternoon so you have enough energy to stay awake for 
all those classes...Be sure to bring a toy to donate in the name of your 
favorite Northern group. The winning group gets to display a nice banner for 
the next year and the bragging rights for most toys donated.

We will be taking class/teacher submissions till next weekend then we will 
be organizing the class schedule.

If you can teach a class, take a class, or if you just need to have some 
fun, you might consider attending Winterkingdom: 

Come to enjoy some of our fine Northern hospitality and may find that you 
have learned a few things while you are here.


Ian Dun Gillan

Baron of Northkeep

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