[Ansteorra] Legalities of pokie things

Jay Yeates jyeates at realtime.net
Thu Nov 15 21:03:57 PST 2007

Tivar writes...

> " and I know a fellow 
> who *did* get arrested for practicing sword
> choreography with an epee 
> while riding his unicycle near the University of
> Texas. (Weird 
> circumstances in both cases, but...)"
>          -Tivar Moondragon

and if memory serves back in Houston (pre sca) you used to keep your fencing
gear mounted to the front forks of your commuting bicycle ....

... funny how things come full circle, the Fondren era of pushing carts,
shelving books, checking them in/out may have tipped scales in my favor for
a City of Austin IT gig 

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