[Ansteorra] need help documenting a cushion

Susan Calafrancesco scalafrancesco at drakkar.org
Sat Nov 17 08:18:36 PST 2007

Your piece sounds beautiful and I'm sure it took a long time to 
embroider. That's what is so great about our society, to try your hand 
at the historical processes. To have fun at what you're doing is a 
definite plus. I just have one simple advice from an old crusty Scadian. 
Always, always if you are going to do a piece ,for a competition 
especially, to do your research first and then the project. Your cushion 
could be right on the money, but to know for sure you have to do 
research first. I'm hoping you won't take this in a negative way, it's 
just a friendly reminder for us all. I Hope you find what you are 
looking for. Remember have fun at what your doing is first a foremost.

  Oksana Goncharova (Scadian for over 26 years)

lambdakennels1 at juno.com wrote:
> I need help documenting a cushion from 13-16th century England.  I know they had cushions, because I see them in illuminations.  Unfortunately, they are almost always being sat on so I cannot see how they are constructed.  I am making a cushion of tone on tone Jacquard (sp?) upon which I have embroidered a heraldic lion.  The books I have looked at on furnishings deal with mostly furniture, and the costuming books deal with mostly what people actually wear.  There has to be a book out there that deals with the cushions and other stuff people used that were not actually furniture but were part of the room decor.  If someone can give me a citation for such a book, I would be most appreciative.  A website would be helpful, as well.  Thank you in advance.
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