[Ansteorra] Legalities of pokie things

Jay Yeates jyeates at realtime.net
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best way to transport blades to/from .... make a stout chest and keep all of
them inside during transport and keep it locked and out of sight (it goes
into the vehicle first and everything else goes on top).  case your bows /
arrows / spears (PVC drainage tubes with a locking end cap - standard end
cap with a hasp riveted on, the eye riveted to the tube body) - protects
them and helps keep you out of trouble. 

out of sight is out of mind

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>It appears that state law does allow the carrying of swords for 
>re-creational use.  As to the SCA providing immunity...perhaps I 
>wasn't quite clear in my original post.  Even in my conversation 
>with our security officer I did not represent the blue card as a 
>"conceal carry permit for pokies", rather as a means if questioned 
>as helping establish my bona fides as having a legitamate purpose 
>for wearing it (in general, not specifically as a halloween costume, 
>that just started the talk) not just a random wacko with a sword.
>   Gorm

Ultimately it boils down to "don't be stupid."

If you're carrying a sword at an SCA event or to/from an SCA event, 
you're unlikely to run into problems. Brandishing it in an 
environment where folks aren't expecting swords is ill-advised. 
Carrying it into a bar, liquor store or even a convenience store that 
sells beer is not a good idea either. If you're stopped by a cop, be 
as polite and reasonable as possible.

Hey, it could be worse. In Australia, you have to be an SCA member, 
part of another historical group or a member of a recognized fencing 
club to even *own* a sword (and that includes sword-shaped objects 
like fencing equipment, not just the sharp stuff.) Any time you're 
not actually using it, it has to be kept locked in a gun safe. I 
expect they'll be banning rocks and sticks next.

         -Tivar Moondragon

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