[Ansteorra] Glaslyn Artisan & a Class

Deana Covel dmcovel79 at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 18 08:51:03 PST 2007

Glaslyn Artisan is approaching!  Saturday, Nov. 24,
  The people of Glaslyn know how to host a warm,
friendly event.   They also know how to encourage the
 There will be three competitions for artisans:
Champion of the Flames (Judged), Keeper of the Flames
(Popular Vote of the men), and the Novice.

  This is a perfect event to display for the first
time or the hundredth time.  Bring 3 to 5 pieces for a
Body of Work display. As a novice no documentation is
required, nor do you need 3 pieces. (But some form of
documentation is always recommended. 3x5 note cards
are great.) 
  If you want to compete for the title of Champion or
Keeper, you must bring documentation.  Not only do
these titles bring honor to the winner, but the
friendship of Glaslyn as well.  Along with really nice
pass down gifts and prices to keep.

 Also there will be fighting and artisan classes at
the event.  
  I will be teaching a class on Inkle Pick-up Weave.  
But we can also use this time to for an "Ask a Weaver"
session where I will answer any weaving questions that
I can.
	For Inkle Pick-up: bring an empty inkle loom, 12-15
heddles, a shuttle, and a chop stick.  There will be
one loom pre-warped that people can have shared
practiced time. 
 For answers: bring your questions, your curiosity,
or your problem item. If you don't know how to warp
your loom, I will help you get started.
  On hand will be source books people can look
through, and some tools and handouts that might help
answer more questions. 

 In Service to the Arts & Glaslyn,
HL Hanna von Dahl
Keeper of the Flames - Artisan

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