[Ansteorra] Crown Heraldic Thanks

Brian O'hUilliam brianoftheloch at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 09:40:24 PST 2007

I would like to thank and commend all those who lent their voices to assist
in Crown Tourney yesterday.

In no particular order:
HL Mea Passavanti
Don Christoforo Passavanti
HE Druinne de Salesberie, Lady Elfsea
HE Duncan, Lord Namron
Mistress Saundra of Loch Raeburn
HL Alden Drake
Reb Yamai shel Yaffa
Centurian Othar Morganson
HL Etienne de St. Amaranth
And a special thanks to Lord Laszlo who heralded the list and the procession
AND organized the procession.

If I forgot anyone, I apologize.
Again, thanks to all heralds who lent their voices to make this Crown
Tourney a very memorable

Brian O'hUilliam
Golden Staff Pursuivant

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