[Ansteorra] Practice December 1st Reminder

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Mon Nov 19 12:30:01 PST 2007

Is combat archery permitted?


--- Sir Morgan Buchanan <morganbuchanan at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Greetings Ansteorra, it's reminder time!
> As I announced earlier this month, the Central Region is
> hosting a fighter practice like the one we had in Bryn
> Gwlad toward the end of the summer. Thus far I've heard
> from fighters from three regions who plan on attending!
> In addition to rattan fighting, I've been contacted by a
> number of gentles in the rapier community who intend on
> joining us! Not to be left out, we have a number of local
> artisans who plan on enjoying the company of the
> aforementioned stinky fighter types and using the
> opportunity to do some of their arts as well. Unless
> you're attending an event, I can think of no reason to
> not come on out! :)
> On December 1st in the DFW metroplex of the central
> region we're holding 
> another practice and we'd like to invite anyone not
> attending an event that 
> weekend to join us. This practice is scheduled to begin
> at 11 a.m. and will 
> run until at least 4 p.m. Centurion Hrafn has secured a
> pavillion at Bob 
> Eden park in Euless, TX. 901 Mid-Cities Blvd West,
> Euless, Texas 76039.
> http://www.euless.org/pacs/rental/pavilions.htm (Website
> of the parks)
> http://tinyurl.com/ywsfdg (tiny URL to the google map of
> the location)
> Because we have these pavillions, this will be a
> rain-or-shine event. In 
> the event of slightly incliment weather, we'll be able to
> fight under the 
> pavillion by moving the tables. If it's really cold,
> we'll stoke the bbq 
> pits with coals for heat. This event will not be
> cancelled for anything 
> other than an ice storm, dear friends.
> We will have some friends from far off lands visiting us
> as well.
> Earl Duncan will be visiting from his new home in the
> Outlands, and the 
> Baron of Terra Pomaria of the Kingdom of An-Tir, Sir
> Roland will be joining 
> us as well.
> This practice will begin at 11 a.m. I'm sure some of us
> will be there 
> earlier. We'll likely go until it's too dark to fight.
> Authorizations may 
> be possible, if you need authorization please contat the
> Central Regional 
> Knight Marshal, Sior Tomas to ensure proper paperwork is
> available. Please 
> contact me if you have any other questions, and I look
> forward to seeing you 
> there!
> Please forward this to local lists or local fighters you
> know not to be on 
> the kingdom lists. Your assistance is greatly
> appreciated!
> Yours in service,
> Sir Morgan Buchanan
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