[Ansteorra] Practice December 1st Reminder

Sir Morgan Buchanan morganbuchanan at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 19 12:36:22 PST 2007

Hey Ironwyrm...

We hadn't really talked about it...  At the one in Austin, we spent a vast 
majority of the day working on individual skills, then finished up with some 
melees, sans combat archery.  This is a new park and I don't know that the 
SCA has ever had a practice in the city of Euless, so I'm sure someone would 
have to go thru the process of gaining permission.  Truth to be told, I 
haven't even been to the park to know if it's feasable with range and so on. 
If a CA marshal is interested in taking point and checking the park out, I 
don't think anyone would mind getting shot at in our melee action, I know we 
appreciate the practice for Gulf Wars.


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> Is combat archery permitted?
> Ironwyrm

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